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Pigeon Control, Los Angeles, Pigeon Removal

Pigeons spread nesting materials and droppings all over your property and can be extremely messy, . Not only is this an eyesore, but it's a health risk! Pigeons will make their nests under the eaves of roofs and other places on your property. Some Pigeons attempt to protect their nests and will even attack humans.

Pigeon Control and Pigeon Exclusion can also include Pigeon - deterrent structures, such as spikes to fend off pesky Pigeons, such as woodpeckers and pigeons. For Pigeon Control and Pigeon Removal call All City Animal Trapping.

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Pigeon Control Facts

Pigeons, are sometimes known as rock doves. Pigeons are the most common birds in the world. Pigeon feathers are mostly gray, but some are white or tan. Pigeon feet are mostly red and their tails are lighter. When they lift their 13 ounces off the ground to fly, a whirling sound can be heard and their wing tips clicking the pavement. Pigeons were originally domesticated tame birds, but have now become feral and are now the most common bird pest known to mankind.

Pigeons are beautiful birds and have a pleasant singing sound. But when pigeons use your home or office building as a place to build their nests, you may change your mind rather fast. Pigeon droppings not only look unsightly on everything but they also aid in the deterioration of the surfaces they land on. Pigeon dung can ruin your grass. If it rains, pigeon droppings can make a surface slipery and dangerous to walk on. Larger amounts of pigeon waste can damage plants and produce an unpleasant order.

pigeon controlspigeon control removal

Pigeon Control Problems? Call All City Animal Trapping

Assessment of Pigeon Location

Trained technicians locate entry points and make them aware to you

We offer several methods of Pigeon Control and Pigeon Removal

Humane removal of Pigeons and all nesting material.

Baby boxes, allowing younger Pigeons to mature before flying away or relocating

Older babies are coaxed to fly away

Sealing potential openings of building with wire screening and caulk

pigeon controlspigeon control removal

Pigeon Control in the Los Angeles area

Many Pigeons may use the interior structure and portions of buildings to nest and roost if an opportunity is provided. Openings to vents, lofts, steeples, eaves or old cracks or holes can be blocked with a varity of materials such as: wire mesh, wood, sheet metal, vinyl siding, or other solid construction materials to prevent Pigeons from entering.

If you are in need of Pigeon Control to get rid of Pigeons in the Los Angeles area, contact a Pigeon control and Pigeon removal professional today. Nuisance problems from Pigeons will get worse if left alone. Our Pigeon control specialist will be able to use professional methods like Pigeon spikes, Pigeon deterrents, Pigeon repellents, Pigeon wires, Pigeon netting, and may also perform Pigeon trapping, roost removal, population control, baiting, or total Pigeon removal as well. Pigeon control is a very involved process and may include one or more of these Pigeon proofing solutions.

pigeon controlspigeon control removal

All City Animal Trapping professionals are specially trained in Pigeon Control, Pigeon Removal, Trapping Pigeons and all other types of Animal Control and Animal Removal. We'll perform Pigeon Control and Pigeon Removal in a humane way and close off their entry points to your home or building so that they can't return.

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